Student life at Riviera

A learner’s life at Riviera is embedded in the aforementioned disciplines which we ensure every learner understands and espouses them.

Spiritual Life

We are a non-denominational Institution with high spiritual values. It is our aim to uphold our spiritual banner at all times espoused by the virtues of hard work, high standards, common courtesy and honesty. We embrace freedom of worship with respect to the various learners’ religious backgrounds and affiliations. The Muslims pray on Fridays and the school respects their fasting seasons, the Seventh Day Adventists start their Sabbath on Friday evening to Saturday. The Catholics and Pentecostals worship on Sundays at different venues that promote tranquillity and harmony.

Mentorship & Counselling

Our school has put in place a mentorship and counselling program as a way of informally transmitting knowledge, social skills and psychological support to the learners. This is one of the greatest tools in managing the teaching and learning process. The Learners are given an opportunity to choose their mentors with whom they can freely share their life experiences. The mentors assume a parental role in handling the mentees. The school also promotes career talks and counselling sessions on study skills and career opportunities from time to time.

Medical Care

We have 24-hour operating clinic that attends to the learners’ medical needs with two nurses and a visiting doctor. In the course of the term, the clinic staff attends to learners and a visiting school doctor attends Clinic once a week.

Students clubs at Riviera

At Riviera High school students are empowered to initiate and manage clubs with the aid of a staff called Patron (male) or Matron (female).
As a school we want to provide a holistic education that perfectly balances academic and co-curricular activities. Through clubs students express their hidden talents and skills and also learn and develop more skills such management and leadership skills, creativity and being more responsible etc.

The management of a club is done by the committee composed of the president, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, Coordinator & advisor guided by a teacher (Patron or Matron).


English is the official medium of instruction and all lessons are conducted in English except in the case of German, French, Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda.

We do have an English Language Course whereby new learners, especially from francophone and other non-English speaking background can learn English language. This course runs for an average of three months depending on the ability of the learners. After finishing the learner will be placed in respective class accordingly