Clubs & Societies

Joining a Society or Club is a fantastic way to meet new people, indulge your interests or try something new.

As part of our dynamic curriculum, Riviera students develop their artistic talents across the expressive Arts, Creative Arts amongst other mediums. Lessons inspire creative thinking and original ideas, giving students the confidence to stretch their skills and experiment with new ways to achieve excellence in the Clubs, workshops and Classroom setting.

Get Nurtured at Riviera

Societies are student groups who meet to take part in an activity or shared interest. From Media to Business, and politics to poetry – we have over 20+ student-run societies and clubs to get involved in. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even start your own! As well as having fun, you can develop skills highly valued by employers. For example, joining a society committee is a great way to develop your leadership or teamwork.

The Clubs are a thriving field and every student is creative in their own, individual way. Our tutors uncover each student’s innate talents and help them to flourish in whatever discipline they are best suited to. With excellent facilities for music and visual arts, students are given the guidance, structure and means to get the best out of their creativity and skyrocket their confidence

If you don’t see a club or society that matches your interests, you can simply set one up yourself! Write to to find out how.