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A student’s day at Riviera School encompasses a challenging, dynamic, stimulating range of activities as well as everyday responsibilities. Throughout the rigorous academic program and the vast range of sports, arts and co-curricular activities, our ethos and values are always present, and embedded into our way of life. Learn more below.

The Riviera ethos

At Riviera School, our principal aim is to discover and foster each student’s talent, so they can be the best version of themselves today, and in the future. We are passionate about delivering a modern education focusing on the individual. From Year 8 To Year 13, our students develop their skills in resilience, leadership, creativity & problem-solving. We ensure our students develop a strong foundation, with the skills and confidence to go forward, ready and able to make their mark in a fast, ever-changing and exciting world.

Pastoral care & wellbeing

Pastoral care and well-being at Riviera is exceptional, with outstanding parental links, a supportive community, highly trained and thoughtful staff to support students. The welfare of every student is paramount, and what we offer is a very wide umbrella of care covering everything from academic worries to coping with a major life occurrence.

Masterly & Creativity

A collective love of learning inspires our teaching staff and students, encouraging their independence and creativity, while helping them to become ambitious and spirited in their viewpoint. Whether it is in Art, Music, Drama or another field, students can explore their capabilities and discover new talents and passions. Riviera regularly hosts masterclasses with elite professionals in their field. From Shakespeare to sculpture to virtuoso violinists, we look to stretch all our students’ performance skills, ambitions and careers. We encourage all students to be creative in their outlook, not only in an Arts context, but also in finding alternative ways to solve problems and communicate.
Music and arts are an integral part of our students’ school life. From Year 8 all the way through Year 13, students are offered a context within which they nurture their understanding and love of music and arts in various forms.

Classroom Learning

At Riviera, we believe that students learn best when they feel confident, safe, and engaged at school. Our experienced team of staff and teachers are committed to providing an optimal learning environment that nurtures academic achievement and challenges students to reach their full potential. Our education aims to provide each student with the essential intellectual skills required for future study, including the ability to think critically and logically, whilst still capturing the imagination and allowing for a diversity of interests. With a curriculum that combines breadth and a strong focus on the major academic disciplines, each student is given all the support they need to get the best from their time here, at the Oasis of Knowledge.

Break times at Riviera

Our students are positive about break times, valuing the chance to socialize and choose their own activities. Breaks are considered a non-negotiable part of the school day.

Breaks and lunch times are obviously big highlights for all students. As well as allowing time for their minds to rest and recover between classes, it’s a chance to grab snacks, find a spot to relax within our grounds, socialize with friends or take part in one of the lunchtime extra-curricular groups. The student-run tuck shop near School House is also very popular with Senior School pupils.


The Chefs at Riviera School prepare nutritious and delicious food onsite every day. Our food is locally sourced to the highest standards whilst maintaining our environmental ethos. All meals are served in the Main Dining Hall with staff and students enjoying the communal atmosphere. With our balanced diet Menu, there is something to whet the appetite for all.

Spiritual Life

We are a non-denominational Institution with high spiritual values. It is our aim to uphold our spiritual banner at all times espoused by the virtues of hard work, high standards, common courtesy and honesty. We embrace freedom of worship with respect to the various learners’ religious backgrounds and affiliations. The Muslims pray on Fridays and the school respects their fasting seasons, the Seventh Day Adventists start their Sabbath on Friday evening to Saturday. The Catholics and Pentecostals worship on Sundays at different venues that promote tranquillity and harmony.

Mentorship & Counselling

Our school has put in place a mentorship and counselling program as a way of informally transmitting knowledge, social skills and psychological support to the learners. This is one of the greatest tools in managing the teaching and learning process. The Learners are given an opportunity to choose their mentors with whom they can freely share their life experiences. The mentors assume a parental role in handling the mentees. The school also promotes career talks and counselling sessions on study skills and career opportunities from time to time.

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In addition to our open days, we welcome visits from parents and potential students looking for the right foundation for life ahead. We’ll be pleased to show you around and answer any questions you have about the school, the staff and the support we offer our students.