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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Riviera High School!

Thank you for expressing interest in our school. Our Mission is “to produce in large numbers a special quality of student whom universities and employers will compete to enrol, due to their high levels of performance, ethics and good citizenship”.

Our vision is to “deliver a student-centered education underpinned by established teaching skills and a strong school culture which ensures that it is high-performing, disciplined, ethical, self-developmental and aware of its educational and social environment”.

We are one of the few schools in Kigali that offer a dual curriculum – both the Rwanda National Curriculum and the Cambridge International. We are also an accredited BTEC and SAT centre. We are proud of the diversity of our students and staff, with over 10 nationalities represented.

We are a school that emphasizes student development in three key disciplines, namely spiritual, social and academic. We like to give our students the challenge and the satisfaction of performing to capacity in all their school-based activities. The unique mentorship programme that we offer has been invaluable in helping us achieve this. We pride ourselves in the team-work and open access policy that we espouse, where all staff members are accessible to parents, students and visitors at all times. This has greatly contributed to the development of the school’s positive connectivity with the world around us.

I trust that you will give Riviera serious consideration as a good school for your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or observation(s).


Boniface Onyango,
Email: principal@rivierahighschool.org