The Rwanda National Curriculum

Riviera offers a full secondary school program from Senior 1 to Senior 6 and curriculum offered by the Rwanda Education Board. The National Curriculum is revised regularly by international consultants to cater for the growing economic and educative demands of the country and world at large. The curriculum is one of the most highly developed in Africa and from a 12 year education system positions students for study abroad.

Ordinary Level- Is a three year program from S1 to S3 and is completed with national examinations by the Rwanda National Examinations Council. Subjects offered and examined include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Entrepreneurship, English Language and Kinyarwanda. French, Literature in English and Computing are offered, but are non-examinable.

  •  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
  •  Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB)
  •  Mathematics, Physics, Geography (MPG)
  •  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
  •  Mathematics, Economics, Geography (MEG)
  •  Mathematics, Economics, Computer Studies (MEC)
  •  Mathematics, Physics, Computer Studies (MPC)