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BTEC In Business

Why choose BTEC Nationals?

Young people taking their first step into a new career need the right blend of technical and academic skills to support them. Employers and higher institutions of learning arelooking for highly skilled, job-ready individuals with a strong work ethic.That’s why Riviera High School decided to add the new BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. This course appeals to over 5,000 universities around the world, employers and professional bodies with employability at the heart. Our learners will be able to develop the skills and confidence they need to step into a prosperous future.BTEC programme has the highest rates of learner progression than any other vocational qualification particularly to Higher Education. It is offered by University of London in collaboration with Pearson International.

What the Course Entails

BTEC programme offers learners modern, work-related qualificationswhich open the door to higher education and a career because it:

  • is designed with a clear purpose to support defined progressionroutes into Higher Education and theemployment world.
  • builds high-level skillssuch as teamwork, creative thinking and presentation skills.
  • developsindependent research and study skillsessential for success at university.

BTEC provides:

  • flexibility for our students to progress to larger-size qualifications or specialities.
  • opportunities for the students to showcase their skills through practical assessments.
  • the underpinning knowledge and skills needed to meet industry requirements.
  • the transferable and high-order skills so highly regarded by universities and employers.

Assessment Styles/Methods

These include;

  • Internal assignments: Work-related assignments set and marked internally in the School.
  • External Tasks: Practical, work-related tasks, set and marked by the awarding body.
  • Written exams: Written answers to practical questions set and marked by the awarding body.
  • Synoptic units: Students can demonstrate that they can apply skills, knowledge and techniques learned across the qualification.

Employer involvement

BTEC programme is a real work-based course where the learner works and gains experience from different business entities. Internship and work experience are core to the success of this course.

Entry Requirements

One can join BTEC course either;

  • at the end of IGCSE with the student attaining a minimum of 5 Cs inclusive of Mathematics and English.
  • upon successful completion of Senior 4 in the REB programme with the student attaining grade C in the Core Subjects.
  • at attainment of an equivalent of the above qualifications.

Qualification Gained

Our learners will gain BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. This is attained after two years of study.  The programme is equivalent to 3 A-Levels with a maximum of 420 UCAS points being available in the programme.

Units Covered

  • Business Environment
  • Business Resources
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Business Communication
  • Business Accounting
  • Visual Merchandising in Retail
  • Recruitment and Selection in Business
  • Understanding Retailing in Business
  • Training in Business Work Place
  • Market Research in Business
  • Understanding Business Ethics
  • Management Accounting
  • Creative Product Promotion
  • Aspects of Employment Law
  • Managing Business Events
  • Developing Teams in Business
  • Business Project Management
  • Starting a Small Business
  • Financial Accounting